12 AM

by Chandler Daversa

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ill make some happy music soon


released October 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Chandler Daversa Los Angeles, California


paul baribeau
half japanese
daniel johnston
beat happening

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Track Name: regretful
was it something i said
i was told to feel to a sense of regret
carve it into me
so i will feel a sense of permanence

i dont think my organs like me
and i probably dont like them
except for my heart, my heart i hear it beating sometimes
and i am proud of it

and i dont think im supposed
to feel this way right now
to feel this way forever
and i think that you have
pentagrams behind your eyes
have pentagrams between your thighs
im not going to judge you
i just wish you could see yourself
just wish you could feel yourself
and see see see the truth
Track Name: life
everybody hurts everyone else
something about this is a mistake
please stop looking at your phone
everybody's lonely in the same way

there's nothing poetic about this
it's starting to get really fucking old
when you can't even get to sleep
and the sunshine starts to feel cold
Track Name: choices
my wounds are fertile
but my womb is empty
and my legs are achey
from making all of the wrong choices again

(really silly oohs and aahs)

and all those desires
that filled up your bedpans
spilled out onto the floor
to drown all the insects, instinctively in sex

(more silly stuff)
Track Name: at
Track Name: 12 am
its probably 12 am
and i feel something inside of my stomach
the worm inside of me cant live off of string cheese
its crying out for its master

your life is changing
for the better or for the worse
its hard to tell which is which