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released May 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Chandler Daversa Los Angeles, California


paul baribeau
half japanese
daniel johnston
beat happening

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Track Name: its trite now guys
youre in a band now that is cool
what do you play?
im ok
at the diner fuck the knee
and i cant stand me
my extroversion has been sucked dry
leftovers of coffee and pie
and i cant do this alone
and i cant be alone
and i cant be with anyone
including myself
including everyone that i love
everyone that i care about
Track Name: the emotional state of robert smith
how could i know that i liked sufjan stevens until your head was in my lap
and idk if i am going backward or getting wrecked
sorry for saying that

i try to be real careful put the last few years behind me
you dont go to the beach to swim but to see what kind of mood the moon is in
why is robert smith so sad
Track Name: mean
see my breath on your chest
i cant stay awake anymore
dont be dead when i wake up
i want your breath on my chest


idk know how many times

youre a dick but you dont mean it
and i dont need you right now
your names stuck in my bowles
im a dick sometimes i mean it

Track Name: love ya
these days i would do anything to see my dead cat again
since he had that stroke and i buried him in the backyard

i dont think that i cried and i havent cried in weeks
but got ive feltlike it
because i am pretty weak

i dont think that i love you but i wish i could answer the phone
i dont think that i love you but when i am with you i feel a sense of home

i dont think that you love me well i actually know that you dont
i dont that you love me but why do you kiss me like that
im not alone

my hat collection is getting larger while my heart is getting darker
i just want to help people but most of the time i just want to sleep

i belong in prison i belong fucked behind bars
my body is a prison until i am in your arms

(gay as lyrics)
Track Name: open letter
i will not take a shower until another human says something relatable
it will be a protest of sorts
like those buddhist monks that set themselves on fire on the street corners of saigon
man ive never believed in something that much
i plan on caving and showering the moment a bourgois girl makes a face
a cute bourgois girl though so its justified
oppress me i love it
bdsm culture is the pulse of an atrophied heart
i thought i learned something
i cant say for sure what it is but when im a dying old sack of shit ill know
for now im a dying young sack of shit
at the peak of everything
hello world fuck me i love it
but back to the matter at hand
the moment another human being says something relatable i will take that human being
i will take it and i will marry it
live in it
have kids in it
i want to be shat by it
not one of those indian curry ones that send a spice through your anal canal
but a nice one
a nice and pleasent one where you dont even have to wipe that much
i want to prove my courtesy
humans act in self interest they say well yeah but i still am nice enough not to leave much shit behind
jesus dude get with it for real
anhedonia is creeping
romanticize that shit until you become it
and the romanticization dies
and everything dies
an open letter to life
please imitate art more
an open letter to art
please imitate happiness more
love chandler
Track Name: not like me
youre a lot like me and i dont like me so i dont like you