community college

by chandler daversa

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community college makes me feel things


released December 27, 2015

i did it



all rights reserved


Chandler Daversa Los Angeles, California


paul baribeau
half japanese
daniel johnston
beat happening

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Track Name: concern for the safety of the people of florida
florida is gonna be underwater in a few years
someone call the president
get them life vests
we dont want them to drown
jeb bush lives there
and everybodys retired uncle
Track Name: burn los angeles burn
it was a small car with the doors locked
20 below she said that you sound funny
and the blood that dripped from your nose
left on the steering wheel appendages
and its been three years since you left home
and the bottles on the ground and the booze in your stomach
remind you of the time that oregon skies dwarfed you to the stars
but now la's like a prison its without soul and without passion
and the mental illness grows with the smog from the california highways
and where are you going from here
theres no shortage of things to fear
youve come a long a way since your muddy beginnings
but now you have nothing to show for yourself
theres blood on your sweater
and your hearts on the sidewalk
looking for the fulfillment you lost when you were a kid
and im sorry that its hard and im sorry that your broken
but try to see the beauty because i never did
Track Name: pretty black toes
wipe your feet on the mat because youve got mud on those pretty black toes of yours and i cant clean cos im in college now but you keep dragging in all the mental illness you acquired the night that you stopped giving a shit about the past and about the garden thats in your stomach but you cant water plants without them withering away like all those past loves that you had but i cant take another highway this city is getting sick and the doctors got prescriptions and things are really looking good for it i dont know where i am going but i know im gonna leave and i miss so many feelings that i felt last week i got real low but its ok now because im leaving this goddamn town i dont miss you anymore i just wish that i knew what i was looking for
Track Name: anything at all
she falls in love with every boy that gives her a pet name
and i fall to death in every hole that i dig for myself
and i cant say anything without sounding like an asshole
cos im an asshole
and i burnt my hand on the stove today
it was on purpose just to feel the pain
feel anything at all
(alternative rock music)
Track Name: horny
i dont feel anything when i cum
Track Name: mis amigos
the social pariah that lives in mind has been running in circles in search of a sight that could send a chill to my nerves and my eyes but i dont feel like dying around you guys
and i feel ok if only for the day
thats good enough for me
Track Name: leftover chili
what am i supposed to do with all this leftover chili
chilis only good for a day or two
and then it gets kind of gross
but i dont just want to throw it away
that seems like a waste
next time you have leftover chili
just skip me
i dont want it
and im assertive enough to say that i dont want
so just listen to these songs
and then youll know