earth day

by Chandler Daversa

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short album for short folks


released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Chandler Daversa Los Angeles, California


paul baribeau
half japanese
daniel johnston
beat happening

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Track Name: the 10
tears taste like cum i never thought id be so dumb
ive got 98 minutes to regret the mistakes ive made
now ive got all the time in the world to stew in self loathing and talk to a girl about the salty tears that fill up my balls

thats a beautiful dog you got there

water fills my lungs i resort to throwing mud
even the things you say in passing fuck me up
but the girl in the city gave me a coffee for free and your dog really seems to like me so when i drive home today ill try not to die

thats a beautiful dog you got there
Track Name: coffee breath
cant fit myself inside of the suitcase in my bed
im too afraid to go outside or to take my meds
and do you think that they notice my coffee breath?

tape your eyes shut so you can get some sleep
and watch me disappear and all my insecurity
and do you think that they know i smell like death?

text me at three in the morning when youre about to cry
and when you feel like in your 20s thats when youll die
and do you think that they know we dont have much time left?
Track Name: earth day
i was born on earth day 1997
i was part of this earth like the trees that raised me
and i looked into the skies and saw the cosmos
i felt so tiny just my baby body
just a speckle in the universe

and i choked on my vomit when i was sleeping
but my father rolled me over just a speckle in the cosmos
i was born on earth day 1897 got my hand stuck in the cotton gin
just my baby body but the workers got me out of there
just a speckle in the factory

i was born on earth day at the 7/11
in the dumpsters i scavenged
just my baby body
but the earth consumed me
just a speckle in the debris
Track Name: boston
i went to boston i caught a cold
in the big city theres no place to go pee
i rode the subway i rode the greyhound bus
i rode the train i went insane
i saw my favorite cat dead in the parking lot
in the big city with a heroin needle in both arms
i love boston and i love the trains and i love my dead cat and i love the rain
Track Name: compliments
well i guess im feeling better
better than yesterday
better than the other day
and i love off your compliments
put them inside of me
until you need to remind me