by chandler daversa

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songs about the desert, apathy, and adulthood disillusionment


released October 16, 2015

i wrote all of these songs except for "devil town", which belongs to daniel johnston



all rights reserved


Chandler Daversa Los Angeles, California


paul baribeau
half japanese
daniel johnston
beat happening

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Track Name: the california desert
i dont feel anything except for the rocks inside my shoes
from walking through deserts and remnants of meth labs and couches and shit
i miss sadness and i miss crying and i miss anything at all and i miss the feelings that the rain gives when it just begins to fall


im a bad person, i dont like dogs as much as you
and im ostentatious, my pretension is nothing new
its just that im stupid its just that im terrified of the fraud that i am
its all a lie its all a fucking sham


please strip me of my agency. its not a part of me that i need anyway.
cos when i have it, i fuck it up
Track Name: the philosophy of the poverty of philosophy
well hes got not money and got no job
but hes got nihilism and a philosophical stance on things
hes got no shoes and got no religion but hes got a vision that he feels strongly about sometimes
hes got no girlfriend and a patchy beard but hes got a pop culture knowledge that would probably fare well on a game show
well hes got no courage and anxiety but somehow maintained a relationship for a number of years
so he dont got most things, nobody does. but some optimism would be pretty beneficial in his life
Track Name: flannels
there was a time in your life where it seemed like it could be summed up in pop punk lyrics
and its hard being 14 and i think people forget it because you develop breasts and social problems
kurt cobains suicide note made you sad, you wore flannels and met people named chad who always seemed to never know their dad and you prayed to be 24 when your band would be on tour and your grandma couldnt call you a whore because youd be an adult and she'd probably be dead

there was a time in your life where you dropped out of college and your boyfriend left you for a girl named deb and you felt like things could never get so low but when they did you felt weirdly calm
your friend said you can handle this. give it time and youll find your niche. lifes gotta have some fulfillment and you prayed to be 14 again or better yet maybe 10 when you just listened to the spice girls and read zodiacs and everything was ok.
Track Name: apathy
well nothing lasts forever and nothing really ends, we're all marginalized with our fucking shopping trends. and on my worst days i think of killing cops the blood of young black youth never seems to stop, its flowing down down down on the blvd. the stench of revolution and police cars. long protest marches and flood wall street, all these millennial youth and the corporate elite.

im afraid that its not and im afraid that i dont care. am i too apathetic to contribute my share? i lie to those i love, and i lie to myself. i worry about my grandma and her poor health. we all day a day, flesh rots in the ground. im sorry for the times that ive ever made you frown. ill try to make those few and to make everything better. but its all irrelevant now after that fucking breakup letter.
Track Name: when you bleed
wont you write down all the things that have made you cry. i wont bother asking why

when you bleed does it bruise and leave a scar or is it all on the inside

please make me some chicken soup and watch seinfeld with me. im not real good at making food or acting normal or really anything.

i dont mind when you call me at night but sometimes i get scared to answer the phone
Track Name: devil town (daniel johnston cover)
i was living in a devil town
i didnt know it was a devil town
oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town

all my friends were vampires, i didnt know they were vampires
turns out i was a vampire myself in the devil town

i was living in a devil town
i didnt know it was a devil town
oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town